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IRMInformation Rights Management
IRMInformation Resources Management
IRMInformation Resources Management (College; National Defense University; Washington, DC)
IRMInformation Risk Management
IRMIllinois Railway Museum
IRMInstitute of Risk Management
IRMInformation Resource Manager
IRMImagerie par Résonnance Magnétique (French: Magnetic Resonance Imagery)
IRMInstitut Royal Météorologique de Belgique (Belgium's Royal Metereological Institute)
IRMInstitute for Regenerative Medicine
IRMInstitute of Rural Management
IRMImmune Response Modifier
IRMInherited Rights Mask
IRMInterference Reflection Microscopy
IRMInspection, Repair, Maintenance
IRMIntegrated Resources Management
IRMInformation Resources Management Plan (HFCA)
IRMImage Rejection Mixer
IRMIndependent Reference Model
IRMIntegrated Resistance Management
IRMIslamic Resistance Movement (aka Hamas)
IRMImpossible Recording Machine (band)
IRMInternational Roaming MIN
IRMInternet Reservation Module
IRMIn-Lined Reference Monitoring
IRMInsurance for Released Members (Canada)
IRMInstitute of Respiratory Medicine (Australia and Malaysia)
IRMIntegrated Resource Management, LLC (Claremont, California)
IRMIntelligence Requirements Management
IRMInteractive Rights Management Ltd
IRMInformation Release Memo
IRMInitial Ranging Message
IRMImmediate Remedial Measures (environment)
IRMImpulse Radio Modulation
IRMInterim Release Milestone
IRMInternational Review of Management (Senate Hall Academic Publishing)
IRMInformation Request Message
IRMIntramural Research Program (NIH)
IRMIon Release Module
IRMInterim Remedial Measure
IRMInternal Revenue Manual
IRMInternational Revolutionary Movement
IRMInternet Relationship Management
IRMIsochronous Resource Manager (IEEE 1394)
IRMIsothermal Remanent Magnetization
IRMItem Response Model
IRMIntegrated Risk Management
IRMInvestor Relationship Management
IRMIndicative Route Method (path planning)
IRMImmediate Restorative Material
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Breslin commented: "Joining forces with Confirmit is an entirely logical step for IRM.
Thus, knowing about this penalty relief procedure is imperative, but it is not mentioned anywhere in IRS guidance, only in the IRM.
As a member of IRM for the past 30 years, I can attest to the value it offers the industry, both educationally and professionally.
IRM has a fully integrated system for perpetual monitoring of raw materials, products and processes.
In larger context, IRM helps organisations in enforcing corporate policy governing the secure flow of highly sensitive data in the organisation.
IRM inspires other organizations to promote environment friendly policies and a controlled usage of non-renewable resources for healthier workplace.
Jaison Francis, IRM director of operations, said: "We selected Survival Craft Inspectorate to fulfil this demanding role as its current objectives and standards of expertise complement those of IRM in terms of the delivery of high quality products and services.
IRM makes sure there are no unprotected copies of the documents left on client machines, and how well it does this--not how well it showcases the product--should be the main criterion to judge this technology.
IRM solutions include Forecast System "iOPT_PRO" (statistical forecast of consumption, prices, hydro inflow, etc.
In an established IRM College DL course, the faculty spends three to four times the hours they do when delivering the same course in residence.
The IRM applies a statistical analysis to really understand the security and compliance risks a company faces, especially under the plethora of new laws, including Sarbanes-Oxley.
However, crude oil, which is excluded from the IRM index as it would dominate movements in the trade-weighted measure, is forecast to see its price stabilise in 2003 before falling sharply in 2004.