IRMGInternationale Robert Musil Gesellschaft (German: International Robert Musil Society; Austria)
IRMGInternational Risk Management Group Ltd
IRMGInternet Radio Marketing Group
IRMGInstant Results Marketing Group (Reno, NV)
IRMGInformation Resource Management Group
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an IRMG affiliate that specializes in loss control engineering, is flourishing in the bonanza of unbundling.
Aon's captive management operation, Aon Insurance Managers (AIM) will be merged with IRMG.
Stephen Cross, Director of IRMG's global captive operations, commented: "The IRMG management team is extremely comfortable with the way that Aon's captive management group operates as an autonomous business unit within Aon.
together with all the intellectual property rights to operate the business and the name "Pivotal Self-Service Technologies" to IRMG in exchange for:
d) Cancellation of the IRMG management services contract.
In connection with the transaction IRMG granted Mr.
Several IRMG clients are assessing the level of capital their captives require.
Subject to the achievement of certain net profit objectives, IRMG shall earn an additional 10 million common shares and 5 million three years warrants.
In addition, IRMG management has identified a number of additional opportunities to increase the number of ATMs under management by new marketing agreements or acquisition.
The company expects to generate revenues within a reasonable period of signing the definitive agreements with 4Cash and IRMG Inc.
4Cash is a division of a privately held Ontario company, IRMG Inc.