IRNCInternational Research Network Connections (US NSF)
IRNCInstitut de Recherche sur la Résolution Non Violente des Conflits (French)
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El analisis del riesgo global de reincidencia con FER-R e IRNC muestra que en DPA con ambos instrumentos un 83% del grupo presenta bajo riesgo; sin embargo, la FER-R muestra mayor sensibilidad para identificar el riesgo elevado con lo que un 9% de este grupo aparece en esta categoria (Figura 6).
Especificamente, el grupo DPA muestra significativamente menor riesgo de reincidencia delictiva respecto de las cinco trayectorias con DPD, medido tanto con IRNC (p < 0.
StarLight receives support from the National Science Foundation, IRNC Award No.
Increased dividends reflect positively not only on Russian Grids, which gain additional assets from subsidiaries, but on the regional IRNC too as payments might attract more attention on behalf of the investors on the threshold of the coming up privatizing of the network assets.
Shares of FNC crashed after the messages that company's minority did not win from merger of FNC and IRNC.
Investors were selling shares of metallurgy and energy sectors - the shares of Severstal, Raspadskaya, FNC and IRNC were the major losers.
Measures on reorganization of IRNC Holding, including the additional emission in order to introduce the state portfolio of
Shareholders of IRNC North Caucasus approved increase of authorized capital of company by 3.
IRNC Volga in 2012 showed reduction of the net profit by RAS by 11%
Subsidiary of IRNC Holding showed reduction of sales by 4.
S&P downgraded rating of Renaissance Capital Holdings to aBaa; upgraded the rating of IRNC Center to aBBa, forecast - astablea.
Strategic development project of power network complex has been placed on the websites of Ministry of Energy, FNC UES and IRNC Holding.