IRNIIntermediate Range Nuclear Instrument
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Description : The future construction of the viaduct ZAGREB RAN IRNI KOLODVOR is located near the urban area of the city and represents the entrance of the highway Zagreb -Sisak in the town at the junction with the Sarajevska street.
Two triple-mutation haplotypes (NRNL and IRNI, mutations in boldface) were detected with NRNL being more frequent than IRNI in each year.
Prevalence of point mutation haplotypes in pfdhfr and pfdhps in clinical samples from Kachin State, northeast Myanmar, 2007-2009 * Gene Haplotype Codonf Pfdhfr Wild-type NCSI (51, 59, Double mutations NRNI 108, 164) Triple mutations NRNL IRNI Quadruple mutations IRNL Pfdhps Wild-type SAKA (436, 437, Single mutation SGKA 540, 581) Double mutations SGEA SGNA Triple mutations SGEG SGNG AGEA AGNA Quadruple mutations AGEG AGNG Haplotype prevalence, ([double dagger]) % Gene Codonf 2007, n = 41 2008, n = 40 2009, n = 36 Pfdhfr NCSI 2.