IROEInterrogation Rules of Engagement
IROEIATA Rate of Exchange (airlines)
IROEInstituto di Ricerca Sulle Onde Elettromagnetiche (Italian: Research Institute on Electromagnetic Waves)
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166) The interrogation techniques officially sanctioned and listed in the IROE posted in Abu Ghraib may not be violative of the CAT but, as all detainees at Abu Ghraib are under the protection of the Geneva Conventions and their Protocols, such techniques do constitute war crimes.
Army investigation into Abu Ghraib commissioned by General Sanchez and authored by Generals George Fay and Anthony Jones--expressed confusion that many authorized techniques, such as "removal of clothing, forced grooming, hooding, and yelling, loud music and light control," were not on the posted IROE.
A travers ces figures, representant des membres du clerge et des fideles laiques, l'Eglise met l'accent sur le martyre d'individus et, a travers eux, du peuple grec et de l'Eglise orthodoxe soumis a l'autorite ottomane : ils sont qualifies de << heros anonymes de la patrie et martyrs de la foi >> (Anonimi Iroes tis Patridos kai Mdrtires tis Pisteos) et leur reconnaissance officielle les range dans la categorie des << neomartyrs >>.