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IROSIntelligent Robots and Systems (Conference)
IROSInternet Radio Operating System (Rooftop)
IROSIpsilateral Routing of Signals (hearing aids)
IROSIncreased Reliability of Operational System
IROSImproved Relief On Station
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Of course, IROs must factor in normal wear and tear to the apartment, but what does that mean, exactly?
Client Controlled Web Pages give IROs direct control of website content.
When weighing the medical evidence and insurance benefit, IRO opinions often provide payers with specialized medical insights they can't otherwise afford," says Muller.
For help finding an IRO to review the off-label use of cancer drugs, contact NAIRO (http://www.
Payer appeals departments often use IROs for evaluating the medical necessity of denied claims.
Evidence-based evaluations by IROs support these laws and can reduce the chance of paying questionable or unnecessary claims, while providing a more defensible, evidence-based determination that decreases re-examining cases that have been appealed.
The other common problem with IROs is that they do not know how to market their properties correctly.
Technology and a well-designed but affordable Web site help level the playing field and can make IROs appear bigger than they really are.
For help finding an IRO to review the medical necessity of HGH therapy, health plans and payers can contact NAIRO (http://www.
IROs can also aid health plans with reviews of medical treatments that may be unnecessary or considered experimental.
Linda Kelleher from NIRI National on "How to Accomplish More with Less -- Utilizing the Tools Available to IROs,"