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IROSIntelligent Robots and Systems (Conference)
IROSInternet Radio Operating System (Rooftop)
IROSIpsilateral Routing of Signals (hearing aids)
IROSIncreased Reliability of Operational System
IROSImproved Relief On Station
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An SEC official I spoke with said this is an over-reaction, and recommends that the company's IRO either write the MD & A or be intimately involved in the process, to ensure that the information is consistent with what the company is telling the investor community.
While boards tend to look to the general counsel or corporate secretary for advice on governance issues, the IRO is taking on an expanded role with respect to the board.
According to the findings of a recent NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) survey, 72 percent of IROs say that they are now the financial media's primary contact in their company, Thompson said.
The proportion of Fortune 500 IROs receiving cash bonuses of between $50,000 and $100,000 continued to climb for the fourth year in a row, to 21 percent.
Further, the survey found that half of responding IROs from the financial services and healthcare industries claim they don't follow a crisis communications plan at all.
1 The objective of this RFP is to have access to IROs that will consider appealable decisions of health
Additionally, to stay informed or ask other IROs for their opinions throughout the year, you are invited to join the IRO Community and Forum online at http://community.
The survey of NIRI member and Fortune 500 corporate IROs shows that average base salary ranges and department budgets have held steady since the recession began.
With the help of successful, experienced IROs who devoted their time and expertise to this program, this curriculum received an "insider's view" of property ownership and management practices.
That, of course, would be good news for frustrated CEOs, CFOs and IROs fighting for analyst and fund manager attention.