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IROWSInstitute for Research on World Systems (social, physical science; University of California-Riverside)
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Activate For iRows = 3 To 13 For iCols = 2 To 4 Worksheets("User's Top 3 Breeds").
The application-sharing service has been dubbed "an eBay of enterprise applications" by BusinessWeek and includes on-demand applications from well-established software giants such as Adobe and Business Objects, as well as a new generation of innovative on-demand companies such as iRows, JotSpot, and more.
com, Axentis, Before the Call, Big Machines, Convoq, Centive, CertifiedMail, ClientHouse, D2Aligned, Dreamfactory, EnterpriseCRM, HarvestGold, Hoovers, Intacct, InvisibleCRM, iRows, Market2Lead, MyLoanBiz, nSite, OpenAir, Projity, Pyxis, QuickArrow, Rally Software, Remend, SamePage, ShareMethods, Spanning Software, Sxip, Talisma, VerticalResponse and others.