IRP1Iron Regulatory Protein 1
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The new information solidified the team's hunch that the particular region where IRP1 binds to the messenger RNA is a potential drug target.
With other research teams, we are investigating novel therapies that remove excessive iron, and we're looking at the precise spot on the messenger RNA where IRP1 binds to screen for drugs that specifically prevent APP production," said Dr.
Two IRPs have been defined to date: IRP1 and IRP2 (28), (29).
During low-iron conditions, synthesis of both IRP1 and IRP2 increases.
Iron sulfur clusters have also been shown in cytoplasm within IRP1 and in the nucleus within an enzyme that is involved in base excision repair.
Observation of no exert phenotypc for IRP1-/- knockout mouse is rather surprising and suggests that IRP2 can compensate for the loss of IRP1 (49).