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IRPSInternational Relations and Pacific Studies
IRPSInternational Reliability Physics Symposium
IRPSIndian Railway Personnel Service
IRPSIntelligent Robotic Porter System (European Commission project to develop a LIDAR Imaging and Measurement system)
IRPSInter-Urban Road Pricing Schemes
IRPSInterpretative Ruling and Policy Statement (term used by NCUA to issue interpretations of new policy)
IRPSIndividual Resource Protection Sensor
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The total IRPS scores exhibited the highest correlations with gaming, chatting and browsing, and the lowest with email and social networking.
The thermal properties of this material may allow a shorter cooling cycle than other IRPS resins, which can further reduce overall cycle time.
Designs for larger cabinets are typically thin-walled and can be difficult to fill with standard-flow grades of IRPS.
Last year, Dow launched Styron 6010, an IRPS resin with a melt-flow rate of 10.
The 2007 IRPS Best Paper Award is "Quantum Mechanical Treatment of Si-O Bond Breakage in Silica Under Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown Testing," by Joseph McPherson of Texas Instruments.
For more than four decades, IRPS has been one of the leading meetings for engineers in the area of electronic component reliability.
The research that has come out of the IRPS has led directly to important technical advances in microelectronics, such as flash memory," said Tom Moore, technical program chair.
Technical papers for the 2008 IRPS will review the latest research and advances in silicon (integrated circuits, discrete devices, MEMS), non-silicon (GaAs, LEDs and diode lasers, optical fiber and flat panel displays), and emerging technologies, including organic electronics and nanotechnology.
The opportunity to bring IRPS back to the Southwest keeps us in the center of an area vital to the microelectronics industry.
Selected as the 2005 IRPS Best Paper Award was "Reliability Improvement and Burn In Optimization through the Use of Die Level Predictive Modeling," authored by Walter Carl Riordan, Russell Miller, Eric R.
I'm particularly pleased with a new offering this year, Jewel Recovery from Past IRPS Proceedings, where 'jewels' of information from digitally inaccessible IRPS technical papers from past proceedings are explored for the benefit of our attendees' research.
Awards for the Best Papers from last year's IRPS were announced at this year's conference.