IRRAInstitutional Repositories and Research Assessment (UK)
IRRAIncreasing Relative Risk Aversion
IRRAInstitute for Reliability and Risk Analysis
IRRAIndividual Retirement Rollover Account (financial)
IRRAInternational Resort and Retailers Association
IRRAIndustrial Relations and Research Association
IRRAIntegrated Radio Resource Allocation
IRRAInternational Retro Racing Association
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This view of IR as both an academic and a practical sphere was reflected in the fact that both CIRA and the IRRA welcomed practitioners into their ranks (although BUIRA did not).
The IRRA addresses a wider range of corporate governance issues; it has been particularly successful in gaining support for the repeal of poison pills and board declassification.
Russian Labor-Management Relations: Some Preliminary Lessons from Newly Privatized Enterprises" in Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting, IRRA Series, Paula B.
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Finding alternatives to plant closings: Proceedings of the IRRA spring meeting.
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Key IRRA principles advocated by Humphery (2001) include Indigenous community involvement in the prioritisation, design, execution and evaluation of research; mechanisms for Indigenous control, ongoing surveillance and transformation of research; and determination of ethical processes for the conduct of research in terms of consultation and negotiation.