IRRAInstitutional Repositories and Research Assessment (UK)
IRRAIncreasing Relative Risk Aversion
IRRAInstitute for Reliability and Risk Analysis
IRRAIndividual Retirement Rollover Account (financial)
IRRAInternational Resort and Retailers Association
IRRAIndustrial Relations and Research Association
IRRAIntegrated Radio Resource Allocation
IRRAInternational Retro Racing Association
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In the United States, for example, the IRRA lost almost one thousand members between 1987 and 1998.
In Australia, the IRRA of 1993, in conjunction with the WRA of 1996, represented major changes in the evolution of the legislative framework of Australia's labour market.
Articles have appeared in Soviet Studies, International Labor Review, IRRA, Comparative Economic Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, and the Journal of Comparative Economics, among others.
The litigation concerning the IRRA facility commenced in 1990.
returned a verdict against the company on its claims for breach of contract against Imperial Resource Recovery Associates (IRRA) and in favor of IRRA in the amount of $25,746,391 on its claims against the company.
The Company believes that the IRRA technology can be applied to any current analogue lateral flow test strip.
TABLE I Alternative Risk Preference Configurations Using Arrow-Pratt Measures DRRA CRRA IRRA DARA feasible feasible feasible CARA not feasible not feasible feasible IARA not feasible not feasible feasible
1 Discussions of the IRRA Executive Board are reported in the Proceedings of December 1981 and 1982.
Thus, when wealth is measured in terms of human capital, the DRRA hyp othesis appears to hold up to some high level of human capital, at which point the IRRA hypothesis seems more plausible.
The entire HOKA ONE ONE team is extremely proud to be recognized by the IRRA," said Jim Van Dine, President of HOKA ONE ONE.
Commenting on this nomination, President of HOKA ONE ONE Jim Van Dine said, "The entire HOKA ONE ONE team is extremely proud to be recognized by the IRRA.
Key IRRA principles advocated by Humphery (2001) include Indigenous community involvement in the prioritisation, design, execution and evaluation of research; mechanisms for Indigenous control, ongoing surveillance and transformation of research; and determination of ethical processes for the conduct of research in terms of consultation and negotiation.