IRRMAIowa Rock and Roll Music Association
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We would also like to thank the research Focal Point Groups and their staff that participated in the IRRMA project:
We would also like to specially thank Rashidah Abdullah, founder and Executive Director of ARROW (1993-2005) and Board member (2005--present), for her leadership of both the IRRMA project and the organisation as a whole.
In March 2006, the IRRMA partners conducted a three-day advocacy intervention in Jakarta.
At the 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health (APCRSH) that was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2006, IRRMA conducted a parallel symposium where their research results were shared and during which the FPG partners had the opportunity to engage on the issue at an international level.
These IRRMA research findings are crucial because they reflect that there is a dire need to address what has emerged as a lack of appropriate policy and effective implementation towards improving the situation of women's health and rights in Indonesia.
It also supported IRRMA through resources available from its Information and Documentation Centre, and linked Indonesian NGOs with regional NGOs in the field of women's health and rights.
Within this context, the IRRMA studies should be regarded as a valuable contribution to understand the ongoing efforts and developments in Indonesia toward implementing ICPD.