IRSACInternal Revenue Service Advisory Council
IRSACIterative Reconstruction Segmented Attenuation Correction (algorithm)
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The IRSAC commends the IRS on its two-pronged effort, but is concerned that both taxpayers and the tax system will suffer if appropriate measures are not taken quickly and effectively to control this fraud.
The IRS strives to appoint members to the IRSAC who represent the taxpaying public, the tax professional community, small and large businesses, academia and the payroll community.
IRSAC states that the Form 843 instructions for penalty abatement are "confusing at best.
IRSAC meets periodically and will submit a report to the agency in November 2013 at a public meeting.
The recognition by IRSAC of the importance of the internal rollout to the examiners demonstrates that IRS exam function cannot view the QEP simply as a "box to check" as part of any examination if the QEP process is to be successful.
The IRSAC suggests operational improvements, offers constructive observations regarding current or proposed IRS policies, programs, and procedures, and advises the Commissioner with respect to issues having substantive effect on federal tax administration.
Former TEI President Drew Glennie and Tom Wharton of TEI's New York Chapter will join former President Betty Wilson, whose term on the IRSAC continues.
The IRSAC provides an organized forum for discussion of relevant tax administration issues between IRS officials and representatives of the public.