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IRSDIndex of Relative Socioeconomic Disadvantage (Department of Health; New South Wales, Australia)
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IRSDInstitute on Race and Social Division (Boston University)
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The pattern of service exclusion across the IRSD deciles in Figure 4 indicates that there is almost no locational variation in service exclusion, except in the lowest and top three deciles--and even here the variation is modest compared with that prevailing in other dimensions of social disadvantage.
Finally, the mean economic exclusion scores across the IRSD deciles in Figure 5 are lower than those for disengagement, even though the number of underlying indicators is similar (8, compared with 9).
Results are also presented that compare different location types using a set of conventional economic indicators and those using the IRSD SEIFA index in order to highlight the differences.
It indicates that the sample under-represents those in the three lowest (most disadvantaged) IRSD deciles and over-represents those in the four least disadvantaged deciles, particularly those in the top quintile.
Two dimensions of the conventional approach are examined, the first (described below) relates to the use of a set of conventional indicators of economic well-being, while the second (described in the next section) relates to the widely-used IRSD produced and published by the ABS.
The dimensions included are all measures of relative disadvantage and many of the components of IRSD align with the indicators of deprivation and social exclusion described earlier.
Reporting to Marcela Curry, head of consultant relations for IRSD, O'Connor will concentrate on supporting Lincoln's field sales teams on the West Coast through strategic planning, relationship development and research.
Lincoln's IRSD consultant channel now comprises five professionals including, four externals and one internal, supporting IRSD Directors nationwide.
Lincoln's IRSD consultant channel focuses on a range of institutional plans and services designed for the defined contribution market," said Curry.