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IRSPIrish Republican Socialist Party
IRSPInstrumentation Radar Support Program
IRSPInterdisciplinary Relationship Science Program (University of California, Los Angeles)
IRSPInfrared Scene Projector
IRSPIntramural Research Support Program
IRSPInternational Review of Social Psychology (Association for the Diffusion of International Research in Social Psychology)
IRSPIn-Place Readiness Spares Package (US DoD)
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IRSP provides services across the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Energy, NASA, and at least seven foreign governments.
The goal of the IRSP model is to maximise social and economic benefits including lower investment and lower emissions.
We're quite proud of the distinctive aspects of the IRSP and the INLA and aren't at all complemented to have them mistaken for the IRA.
BAE SYSTEMS has provided continuous support for the IRSP contract since 1985, having won subsequent re-competitions in 1990 and 1995.
It also brought in its Treasury Solutions Group to provide IRSP with interest rate management protection to cover the lifetime of the deal.
I must have missed the memo where the IRSP has given its full support to the PSNI.
Father -of-seven McGlinchey was described in an IRSP obituary as a "committed revolutionary".
LR200830300, Computing IRSP Off-Set Levels for FY10 Kits
IRSP, which employs 24 people at its base in Great Bridge, designs and manufactures high performance roller shutter doors for security, fire prevention and insulation at commercial and industrial sites.
However, the source claimed the Provos will maintain two small units in the short term "to ensure the dissidents and the IRSP did not step out of line".
The move came after a member of the IRSP - the political party linked to the terror group - claimed she was being harassed by neighbours in Dublin.
In a statement yesterday the IRSP said: "It is with great sadness that we learned late last night of the sudden death of Declan McGlinchey.