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IRTItem Response Theory
IRTIn Regard To
IRTIn Reference To
IRTIcing Research Tunnel (wind tunnel)
IRTInterborough Rapid Transit (New York City subway division)
IRTInterborough Rapid Transit
IRTInformation Resources and Technology
IRTIncident Response Team
IRTIn Regards To
IRTIndiana Repertory Theatre
IRTImmunoreactive Trypsinogen
IRTInstitute for Recruitment of Teachers
IRTIce Road Truckers (TV show)
IRTInternational Racquetball Tour
IRTIndependent Review Team
IRTInfrared Telescope
IRTInitial Response Team
IRTImmediate Response Team
IRTInfrared Transmitting (film)
IRTInteractive Ray Tracing
IRTIntegrated Receiver/Transcoder
IRTIndividual Readiness Training
IRTIntegrated Retail Terminal
IRTIntegrated Requirements Team
IRTInstructional Resource Teacher
IRTIncome Reporting Threshold (taxation)
IRTInternal Radiation Therapy
IRTInstrument Rating Test
IRTIntegrated Remote Technology (Subsea 7)
IRTInstitute for Rapid Transit
IRTInfinity/Radiance/Trance (gaming, Breath of Fire III)
IRTIncidence Reporting Team
IRTInterim Remote Terminal
IRTIntermediate Range Technology
IRTIntegrated Rendezvous Radar Target (NASA)
IRTInitial Reconditioning Test
IRTIn-Reactor Thimble (Fast Test Reactor)
IRTIntervention Response Team
IRTInstallation Readiness Testing
IRTInitial Reconnaissance Team
IRTIndustria de Radio y Televisión (Chilean Electronics)
IRTIn Response/Reply/Reference To
IRTInvestigation and Recovery Team
IRTIntegrated Reliability Test
IRTIntegrated Rail Terminal
IRTInitiative Riviera Technologies (France)
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DE) has acted as exclusive financial advisor for IRT.
An IRT is a team of individuals with various skills and applicable experience who are chosen to review a program with which they are not associated, at least in a day-to-day sense.
Shareholders will be entitled to roll over their investment into IRT 2011
where k is the rank that a given IRT had to exceed to be reinforced, m is the length of a list of the most recent IRTs that is updated after every response, and w is the probability of reinforcement per IRT.
The elevator inside the building is glass-enclosed and will provide access to both the IRT and IND.
The basic principle of IRT (also called latent trait theory) is that for any fixed values of the latent traits the observed variables are mutually statistically independent; this has come to be known as the principle of local independence (Lazarsfeld, 1950, Lazarsfeld & Henry, 1968).
The potential advantages of IRT for the shipper are that, when compared with alternative services, transit time may be reduced and rates lowered.
Cenduit, an IRT provider for clinical trials serving more than 16,000 sites in more than 100 countries, offers IRT solutions that deliver optimized clinical supply chain management and facilitate precise control over patient randomization and drug administration to enable more efficient, compliant trials.
While other e-clinical technologies such as EDC have migrated to a licensed, configurable model, the IRT industry as a whole has lagged behind this approach.
Differential-reinforcement-of-low-rate (DRL) schedules reinforce responses in which the IRT is greater than a specified time requirement.
The researchers interviewed a small group of parents whose children had cystic fibrosis, diagnosed either in infancy with the IRT screen or later through the conventional diagnostic process.
These risks, uncertainties and contingencies include, but are not limited to, the following: the ability of IRT to effectively raise capital in its offering, uncertainties relating to changes in general economic and real estate conditions; uncertainties relating to the implementation of IRT's investment strategy; and other risk factors as outlined in IRT's registration statement on Form S-11 (Registration No.