IRTAInstitut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (Institute of Agricultural-Alimentary Research and Technology)
IRTAInternational Reciprocal Trade Association
IRTAIntramural Research Training Award
IRTAInstitute for Research and Technical Assistance
IRTAIllinois Retired Teachers Association
IRTAIrish Rider Training Association
IRTAIndiana Retired Teachers Association
IRTAImmigration Review Tribunal of Australia
IRTAInternational Racing Teams Association
IRTAInternational Retired Tugboat Association
IRTAI Read That As
IRTAIn-Reactor Thimble Assembly
IRTAIndustrial-Recreational Building Authority (Rhode Island)
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For more information about IRTA or Universal Currency please contact IRTA's Executive Director, Ron Whitney at 757-393-2292, ron@irta.
IRTA is committed to promoting and strengthening the refrigerated and transportation logistics industry.
As Indo-Russian co-operation on the development of military equipment expands, the IRTA may well become the next major project in its category.
IRTA collects and publishes data on corporate trade, polices a code of conduct, arbitrates in disputes between traders and/or their clients and generally acts as the industry's watchdog and public relations agent.
The mission of IRTA is to provide to all Industry Members with an ethically based global organization dedicated to the advancement of Modern Trade and Barter and other complementary capital systems, through the use of education, self regulation, high standards and government relations.
Catalonian research organisation IRTA, as an ECO-FCE project partner, is conducting studies on various feeding strategies, targeting both how feed is supplied and feed composition.
IRTA chairman Noel Meade said: "This booklet is designed to keep everyone up to date with what they can and can't do.
IRTA anticipates a continued sharp increase in new private, quasi public/private and government backed trading systems in the next decade.
6 out of 10 on a scale produced using various desertification indicators) is in the subtropical desert regions - North Africa, the countries of the Middle East, Australia, South West China and the western edge of South America," explained Montserrat Nunez, lead author and a researcher at the IRTA.
IRTA elected new officers and Board Members at the IARW-WFLOIRTA Annual Convention & Expo in March 2009.
Willie Mullins, chairman of the IRTA, said that 'it looks very unlikely' that there would be any Irish runners at either of next month's big jumps meetings.