IRTCInternet Ray Tracing Competition
IRTCInternationally Recommended Transit Corridor (naval designation)
IRTCIndependent Radio and Television Commission
IRTCInvestment Recovery Trade Corporation (Asset Management & Liquidation Exchange)
IRTCInstructional Technology Resource Center
IRTCInternational Road Tar Conference
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VTS traffic organization techniques were used to establish the IRTC in the Gulf of Aden, but in general it has not been given proper thought in connection with MSO.
Rear Adm Bener said that although during his tenure CTF151 managed to apprehend 47 pirates operating within the IRTC, only 17 of them were currently being prosecuted in Kenya for their alleged pirating.
Several arguments indicate that the Respondent did not want to exercise the option right: (i) the employment contract concluded between it and the Player was entered into in connection with and directly around the time when the IRTC was issued and provides for a term until 30 June 2001.
Using its repertoire of jathas, artistic performances, lectures and respect for consumers, KSSP and IRTC have accounted for more than half of the 200,000 new stoves installed in Kerala since the early 1980s.
But the expectation now is that the IRTC change the present set-up - in a recognition of the fact that the media industry has now enterered a new phase.
The IRTC changed board and I knew they would be issuing new licences in 1999 so I got to work.
But he admitted he was under pressure in 1989 - both politically and from the IRTC - to get the new station on the air.
Mr Stokes was on holiday and unable to comment yesterday, but Pat Montague from IRTC, said: "We're not interested in getting into a barney with Geldof.
Geldof had complained that the IRTC had refused to meet him for discussions on his Atomic TV project.
The IRTC is said to be considering changing the rules under which it granted the station its licence earlier this year.
But the IRTC bosses should also have a word in The Edge's ear.
The IRTC will hold oral hearings for the licence next month.