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IRTEInstitute of Road Transport Engineers
IRTEInstitute for Road Traffic Education (est. 1991; India)
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The IRTE and the IRC have prepared a slew of suggestions for traffic and transport, which will be submitted to the government soon.
Earning the IRTE status from the Center for Quality Assurance is indeed a significant achievement not only for Qatar University but also for the country.
Lawrie Alford, FTA Head of Automotive, said: This year the focus will be IRTE Workshop Accreditation, irtec licencing, technical training for technicians and the very popular Workshop Engineering Manager Training Course including the promotion of individual CPD.
The Director learnt that Massey had already succeeded in obtaining good IRTE images at inferior conjunction in 2004 and 2006, which showed definite details.
The IRTE is a partner in the Show alongside the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and the Road Haulage Association.
In Europe, large operators want to see that their providers are audited, and that's something we're going to be developing in UAE with the IRTE over the coming months and years.
A Professional Sector of Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), IRTE is membership organisation for road transport professionals.
The Information Centre (IC) is seen by CHRISTlNE as a means by which the flow of information within the IRTE can be integrated and made available to all RTI applications.
IRTE has held an annual commercial vehicle event since 1970.
It has three professional sectors - IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers), IPlantE (Institution of Plant Engineers), and BES (Bureau of Engineer Surveyors).
The visit is being funded by the self-financing Fleetsafe scheme, together with contributions from IRTE.
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