IRTOSI2O Real Time Operating System
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Integrated RAID running on the IxWorks IRTOS delivers on the promise of I2O to provide robust, intelligent off-loading of a variety of complex operations such as RAID, from the host CPU onto intelligent I/O subsystems.
Other project-specific implementations included changing the SCSI adapter provider by simply plugging in a new driver binary; and providing the same management "look and feel" across all the NOSs by using a browser through the use of the I2O HTML configuration provided in the IxWorks IRTOS.
The software stack includes software that resides on the host CPU for the management of the RAID arrays, as well as drivers running under Wind River's IxWorks IRTOS on an i960Rx I/O co-processor.
Wind River's IxWorks, which is provided as part of the company's Tornado(TM) for I(2)O development environment, is the industry's first IRTOS and the only one currently available.
By utilizing our off-the-shelf IRTOS and Tornado for I(2)O tools, application developers can bring their products to market faster.
Because Wind River has played a significant role in the I(2)O effort from the beginning, we are thoroughly familiar with the spec and will update the IRTOS accordingly to reflect any changes.