IRTPAIntelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004
IRTPAInternational Real Tennis Professionals Association (Surrey, England, UK)
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AEDPA, as amended by IRTPA, narrows the definition of "personnel" by providing that "individuals who act entirely independently of the foreign terrorist organization to advance its goals or objectives shall not be considered to be working under the foreign terrorist organization's direction or control.
The 2004 IRTPA stated that it was the sense of Congress that "efforts to track terrorist financing must be paramount in United States counterterrorism efforts.
Pursuant to [section]7209(k) of the IRTPA, CBP manages a number of "trusted traveler" programs that permit travelers to voluntarily provide detailed biometric and biographic data to CBP, and thereby to be eligible for expedited admission at POEs.
But "personnel" was no longer vague, said the district court, because IRTPA specifically limited it to the provision of "one or more individuals .
For example, section 7209 of IRTPA required that the Secretaries of the departments "expedite the travel of frequent travelers, including those who reside in border communities.
La IRTPA tambien contempla el establecimiento del National Counterterrorism Center, con la mision de analizar e interpretar informacion de espionaje relacionada con el terrorismo, a la vez que desarrollar la planificacion estrategica de actividades contraterroristas.
20) The commission's recommended areas for improvement included leadership/management (utilizing the IRTPA to integrate the intelligence community better), collection, analysis, information sharing, integrating domestic and foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, and covert action.
In addition, the IRTPA requires DHS to research how to better use
The IRTPA specifies the budget, transfer and reprogramming of funds, transfer of personnel, tasking of national intelligence, analysis, and other authorities of the DNI.
1] The IRTPA delineated the input and supportive vision required of our intelligence community.