IRTSInstitut Régional du Travail Social (France)
IRTSInfrared Telescope in Space (Japan)
IRTSInternational Radio and Television Society
IRTSIrish Radio Transmitters Society
IRTSIndian Railway Traffic Service
IRTSIncreasing Returns to Scale
IRTSIntensive Residential Treatment Services
IRTSInfrared Target Simulator
IRTSIncident Reporting and Tracking System
IRTSInfrared Telescope on Spacelab (NASA)
IRTSIntensive Rehabilitation Treatment Services
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To compare the IRT1 + IRT2 assay with screen-positive results from the IRTS, we evaluated 164 samples that were determined to be IRTS screen-positive by the New York NBS laboratory, consisting of a total of 19 confirmed positive cases with 2 CF mutations, 8 confirmed positive cases with 1 CF mutation, and 137 cases confirmed as non-cystic fibrosis, with no CF mutations detected.
Table 3 shows the analysis of8 single-mutation CF carrier samples that were screen-positive as established by the [greater than or equal to] 170 [micro]g/L cutoff for the IRTS assay.
Of the 137 cases that were screen-positive by the IRTS assay but had no CF mutations detected, 26 would have been screen-negative using the IRT1 +IRT2 cutoff of >97 [micro]g/L, a reduction of 19% in the false-positive rate in this selected study population.
Analysis of 3 cases of confirmed disease with an IRTS value below the 170 [micro]g/L cutoff is shown in Table 4.
Importantly, of the 11 discrepant cases that were screen-positive in the IRTS but had no mutations detected by the screening program, all were screen-negative in the IRT1 + IRT2 assay, suggesting a greater specificity for the multiplex assay.
Although this cutoff is substantially lower than that developed for the IRTS method of 170 [micro]g/L, it is nearer to the cutoff of 112 [micro]g/L reported for a monoclonal antibody-based method for total IRT (8).
In these studies, use of the sum of IRT1 + IRT2 was unable to discriminate the carrier population, with 7 of8 carriers who were screen-positive by the IRTS assay noted also to be screen-positive by the IRT1-IRT2 criteria.
The IRTS Foundation's mission is to provide results-oriented, educational programs about electronic media for students, educators, professionals, and interested members of the public.
The event will be moderated by Bob Gutkowski, IRTS Foundation Sports Division chairman and the president and CEO of The Marquee Group.
The IRTS (International Radio & Television Society) Foundation is an organization of professionals involved in all aspects of the communications industry.