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IRVInstant-Runoff Voting
IRVInspiratory Reserve Volume
IRVInverse Ratio Ventilation
IRVImmediate Response Vehicle (insurance companies)
IRVIntegrated Voice Response (telephony)
IRVIsotope Reentry Vehicle
IRVInitial Response Vehicle
IRVImperial Romulan Vessel (fictional)
IRVIrvington District (Fremont, California)
IRVImproved Recovery Vehicle
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The classic case study for how IRV would work might be the election of 2000.
Of course, with a few exceptions, Democrats have no interest in implementing IRV.
In September IRV took to the streets during an antiausterity march in Dublin city centre.
Full representation may be the Holy Grail for Greens, but IRV is a practical reform that completely reverses the "spoiler" dynamic that does so much to dampen serious consideration of third party candidates.
Despite well-financed defenders of the status quo who spent perhaps $100,000 or more trying to confuse voters with slick mailings, San Francisco became the first major American city to use IRV to elect its officials.
Used in Ireland and Australia, and recently adopted for San Francisco's elections and for congressional and gubernatorial nominations by the Utah Republican Party, IRV has drawn bipartisan support from John McCain, Howard Dean and Rep.