IRoAIslamic Republic of Afghanistan
IROAInternational Range Officers Association (International Practical Shooting Confederation)
IROAInternet Registry of America
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Under the agreement, Sigma-Aldrich has worldwide rights to sell IROA Technologies' Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards.
Our partnership with IROA, an award-winning innovative leader in the field of metabolomics, reflects Sigma-Aldrich's commitment to meet customer needs by supplying the most cutting-edge and efficient technologies and our mission to enable science to improve the quality of life," said Josef Zihlmann, Vice President of Product Management and R&D.
13]C-label, in an IROA protocol the control and experimental samples are isotopically labeled with 95 and 5% [sup.
The IROA Biochemical Quantitation Series 100 and 200 kits provide access to ClusterFinder(TM) and the IROA[sup.
Ann Arbor-based IROA Technologies develops metabolic profiling tools used to create unique chemical signatures in molecules for accurate biochemical analysis and quantitation in multiple applications including general research, bioprocess, toxicology and diagnostics, "making metabolic profiling easy".
IROA was formed due to the need for a cohesive representation of the diagnostic imaging community," said Brant Gamble, President and Founder of IROA.