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IROWSInstitute for Research on World Systems (social, physical science; University of California-Riverside)
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The report said that SlickLogin is amongst Google's other Israeli acquisitions in recent years, including the spreadsheet company iRows, entertainment company LabPixies and the 1.
Activate For iRows = 3 To 13 For iCols = 2 To 4 Worksheets("User's Top 3 Breeds").
Important spreadsheets are EditGrid (developed in Hong Kong by Team and Concepts, but recently moved to servers in North America), iRows (shut down on New Year's Eve of 2006 when its two founders were hired by Google), ThinkFree (a Korean tool that uses a Java applet to provide more powerful functions), Dan Bricklin's wikiCalc (written in Perl by the inventor of VisiCalc, the first PC-based spreadsheet ever), and Zoho Sheet, part of the Zoho Office Suite, perhaps the most ambitiously comprehensive of the new web-application packages.