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IS-41Interim Standard-41 (cellular telephony)
IS-41Interium Standard-41 (Telcordia)
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The IS-41 and the IOS A1 CDMA2000 simulators provide full control of message building with an easy-to-use graphical customization of the message content and signaling flow, supported by an extensive message and script library.
Continuous Computing's industry-proven Trillium MAP IS-41 protocol stack is the foundation of much of today's deployed CDMA networks," said Manish Singh, vice president of product line management for Continuous Computing.
With Sentinel, the consortium can monitor GSM and IS-41 networks from a centralized location.
We are pleased to announce that we have selected DSC as our vendor to provide IS-41 HLRs to be deployed around the globe," said Dr.
services for the TDMA/WIN environment, including: IS-41 Home Location
Both systems provide full mobility management via ETSI (GSM MAP) as well as IS-41 (MAP) standards.
It is also in use for over-the-air (OTA) programming and activation in both GSM and IS-41 networks.
It is a direct path to 3G, preserves investment in the existing IS-41 core network and allows them flexibility to migrate to 3G over time, as the market for advanced services evolves.
The LGIC-Stratus HLR solution is fully compatible with IS-41 C standards- compliant MSCs.
designed to support a broad range of interfaces including IS-41, IS-95