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IS-41Interim Standard-41 (cellular telephony)
IS-41Interium Standard-41 (Telcordia)
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Continuous Computing's Trillium Mobile Application Part - IS-41 (MAP-IS-41) portable software product provides the functions and procedures to query various databases or support other components in the intelligent network (e.
2, IS-41, PCS-1900, GSM/MAP, and INAP CS1 & CS2) over both T1/E1 links and SIGTRAN/M3UA interfaces as well as SIP, DNS, ENUM and SOAP/XML.
For example, ISSG can convert between legacy networks' ETSI/ITU INAP (Intelligent Network Application Part), Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN), TIA IS-41 Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) and ETSI/ITU CAMEL Application Part (CAP) signaling and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), the next-generation networks' IP (Internet protocol) packet-oriented signaling.
The GSM Emulator creates a seamless interface to the GSM network environment, enabling IS-41 subscribers to exchange messages with their GSM counterparts.