IS2000Information System 2000
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And with the exception of the head-on looks of the IS2000 that mission has been accomplished.
Prices start at pounds 20,500 for a basic IS2000 S and that includes twin airbags, side bags, climate control, alloy wheels, cruise control, electric windows all round and a CD player.
Reporting to Kazeon founder and CEO, Sudhakar Muddu, Bauer and Marchi will be responsible for developing and executing the company's sales and marketing programs to drive rapid customer adoption of the IS2000.
Quantex's IS1000 and IS2000 servers are small, 1U and 2U form-factor servers which represent a new class of Internet infrastructure products that reduce costs of managing server bandwidth while adding required amounts of processing power to keep up with traffic demands.
75 inches high by 22 inches deep; the 2U IS2000 is 3.
Packed inside the IS2000 is a powerful combination of components that include one or two Pentium processors, up to 2GB of synchronous DRAM and up to 220GB of RAID-capable SCSI disk drive storage capacity (four hot-swappable drive bays).