IS4BInternet Solutions for Business, Inc. (UK)
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IS4B believes that the major galleries and museums are just beginning to profit from Internet-based marketing.
IS4B has a number of products, including E-Commerce, Secure E-mail, Search Engine Optimization, Anti-Spam, and Back-Office Processing with clients in many diverse industries, including aviation, automotive, public relations, real estate, catalog sales and investor services.
IS4B is an Internet specialist providing solutions for business users.
Now IS4B is looking to expand the website to meet the needs of the commercial property marketplace by including business properties.
Mr Lawrence Shaw, managing director of IS4B said: "We are at the forefront of putting Coventry on the Internet.
IS4B and Octopus have worked together for the past three years, combining their technical and design expertise to provide internet solutions for businesses across the country.
All four Octopus staff will join IS4B, and boss Gary Mays, a Warwick University graduate, will become operations director of the entire organisation.