ISAAInternational Size Acceptance Association
ISAAInternational Symposium on Adjuvants for Agrochemicals
ISAAIranian Student Alliance in America
ISAAIcelandic Sheepdog Association of America
ISAAIntercollegiate Soccer Association of America
ISAAIllinois State Airhockey Association
ISAAIranian Society of Asthma and Allergy
ISAAIndependent Scholars Association of Australia Inc.
ISAAIllinois State Acupuncture Association
ISAAIndependent Schools Athletic Association (Canada)
ISAAInternational Student Activism Alliance
ISAAInternet Shrimpers and Anglers Association
ISAAInstitute of South African Architects
ISAAIllinois State Auctioneers Association
ISAAInternational Student Athlete Academy
ISAAIrkutsk State Agricultural Academy
ISAAIndiana Student Affairs Association
ISAAIowa State Association of Assessors
ISAAIrish Ship Agents' Association
ISAAInternational School of Aarhus (Denmark)
ISAAIndonesian Shipping Agency Association
ISAAIowa State Archery Association
ISAAInstitute of Asian and African Countries
ISAAIreland South Africa Association
ISAAIllinois Surgical Assistant Association
ISAAInformation Security Assessment and Audit
ISAAIranian Students Alliance of America
ISAAIllinois State Ambulance Association
ISAAIndiana Sustainable Agriculture Association
ISAAIdeas of Slavery from Aristotle to Augustine (book by Peter Garnsey)
ISAAInternational Student Association of America
ISAAIndonesian Ship Agencies Association
ISAAInternational Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech (lobby group)
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Building on a 70-year heritage of helping customers improve the performance of their products and bring new products to market, Momentive Performance Materials introduced two new adjuvants, Silwet* HS-604 penetrant and Silwet* STIK spreader-sticker, for agrochemical formulations at the ISAA (International Society on Adjuvants for Agrochemicals) 2010 in Germany.
The postponement of the implementation of the regulation will give ISAA members a certainty in business in shipping agency, it said.
He was awarded an Outstanding Contribution Award by ISAA in 1997, and the Distinguished Service Award from the National Ski Patrol in 1994.