ISABusIndustry Standard Architecture Bus (aka AT Bus)
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Analog MPM 4 MPM 8 Digital ISA BRI ISA BRI 4 PCI BRI 4 ISA PRI 2 ISA PRI PCI PRI PCI PRI 2 CEM CreditCard Ethernet+Modem MPM ISAbus Multiport Adapter Modem Card CEI CreditCard Ethernet+ISDN NuBus BRI NuBus ISDN Basic Adapter Rate Interface Adapter CM CreditCard Modem PCI BRI PCI ISDN Basic Rate Interface Adapter CMI CreditCard Modem+ISDN PCMCIA BRI CreditCard ISDN Adapter Basic Rate Interface Adapter ISA BRI ISAbus ISDN Basic Rate PP BRI Parallel Port ISDN Interface Adapter Basic Rate Interface Adapter
Xircom remote access client products will include a complete line of PCMCIA modems; PCMCIA, ISAbus, PCI, and parallel port ISDN adapters; and multifunction PCMCIA adapters, such as the CreditCard Ethernet+Modem(TM) adapter.
Planned remote access server products include Xircom's current analog solution, the Netaccess Multiport Modem Card(TM), as well as ISAbus and PCI ISDN BRI adapters and ISAbus and PCI ISDN PRI adapters.
34 modems on a single ISAbus card, the Multiport Modem Card eliminates the unwieldy mass of serial cards, connectors, multiple external modems and cables common to many of today's solutions.