ISACIllinois Student Assistance Commission
ISACIstituto di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e del Clima (Italy)
ISACIowa State Association of Counties
ISACInternational Society for Analytical Cytology
ISACInformation Sharing Analysis Center
ISACInternational Scientific Advisory Committee
ISACIndustry Sector Advisory Committee
ISACISRO Satellite Center (Indian Space Research Organisation)
ISACInformation Society Activity Centre
ISACInternational Standard Accuracy Contest (Atlatl competition)
ISACIntelsat Solar Array Coupon (NASA)
ISACIllinois State Advisory Council on the Education of Children with Disabilities
ISACIsotope Separator and Accelerator Facility (Triumf, University of British Columbia)
ISACInformation Systems Work and Analysis of Changes
ISACIntelligent Secure Autonomic Controller (Symbium)
ISACIntermediate Systems Acquisition Course (DSMC)
ISACIndian Satellite Applications Center
ISACInformation Sharing and Assessment Center (60 Private Companies)
ISACInternal Scientific Advisory Committee
ISACISDN Subscriber Access Circuit
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We recognize and deeply appreciate the commitment ClearPoint Metrics has made today by becoming a Strategic Sponsor and Affiliate Member of the FS- ISAC.
ISACs take an all-hazards approach to combating threats with services including risk mitigation, incident response, alert systems and information sharing.
The ISACs represented at the four-day meeting included the financial services, electric, information technology, water, and telecommunications sectors.
For many years, the main science at TRIUMF was intermediate-energy physics along with condensed matter physics using muons but, in the last ten years, the ISAC Radioactive Beam facility was constructed and now the focus of the science is more directed onto low-energy subatomic physics along with studies of material science.
This testimony discusses the management and operational structures used by ISACs, federal efforts to interact with and support the ISACs, and challenges to and successful practices for ISACs' establishment, operation, and partnerships with the federal government.
Some other delinquent loans never reach bankruptcy court because ISAC forgives them due to permanent disability or the closure of a school.
The report adds that ISAC will help the government to "quickly and effectively disseminate information about food threats and vulnerabilities, and will be the latest organization to serve as an intermediary between the government and the private sector.
When someone even suspects there's a malicious act, they can communicate it confidentially through ISAC.
The directive encouraged public- and private-sector cooperation, as well as the creation of a private-sector ISAC.
Whatever isn't submitted by members is gleaned from public sources of information and from several commercial providers with which the ISAC has arrangements to receive information, says Jones.
The ISACs have identified challenges requiring further federal action, including building trusted relationships; developing processes to facilitate information sharing; overcoming barriers to information sharing; clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the various government and private-sector entities that are involved in protecting critical infrastructures; and funding ISAC operations and activities.
Recently, however, a number of the sector's leading companies took a bold step in establishing a mechanism to collectively defend themselves from potential threats by creating a new Information Sharing and Analysis Center, or ISAC.