ISADInternational Stuttering Awareness Day
ISADIntegrated Starter Alternator Damper
ISADInternational Society of Abortion Doctors
ISADInformation Systems Authorization Directory
ISADIstituto Architettura e Design (Italy)
ISADIntroduction to Systems Analysis and Design (educational course)
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For his part, SEV deputy head Christos Komninos said he was pleased by the initiative taken by OEV and ISAD.
The ISAD system will help vehicles improve fuel economy up to 12 percent by allowing the engine to shut down when the vehicle comes to a stop, and to perform other hybrid functions.
What we are trying to do is to find business people who are interested so that when a solution is achieved, they will consolidate an improved cooperation" he said, adding that the fact that OEB and ISAD are in contact constitutes progress.
The excellent final results of the feasibility trial, and their acceptance for oral presentation at the ISAD conference, also give us further confidence in seeking potential earlier commercialization of the SEPET(TM) device in Europe under the CE Mark.
Continental ISAD is a globally operating automotive supplier that develops and manufactures in the chassis system, tire and industrial product sectors.
Remy partnered with Continental AG on the ISAD system, which was later launched by GM in the 2005 Silverado truck.
and Continental ISAD (Integrated Starter Alternator Damper) Electronic Systems GmbH (a subsidiary of Continental AG), announced today that they have signed a development, manufacturing and marketing agreement to accelerate the move toward the next-generation of 42-volt automotive electronic systems.
The ISAD system is the first of its kind to be in production on a North American vehicle.
DETROIT, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- An increasing number of automakers now see the Continental Temic ISAD system as the key to lower fuel consumption, less CO2 emissions, and more enjoyable motoring.
According to General Motors, the ISAD system will help the trucks gain fuel economy improvements of up to 15 percent.
The ISAD will be able to convert braking energy into electricity, a process known as regenerative braking.