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We are happy to provide support and advice and have never before experienced a situation where ISAG have been unable to provide us with assurance about the safety plans for an event," said the spokeswoman.
Los 20 microsatelites utilizados para el estudio pertenecen al panel de los recomendados por la FAO/ ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics) (6) para estudios de biodiversidad porcina.
1999; A Cretaceous Hot Spot in the Ecuadorian Oriente Basin: Geochemical, Geochronological and Tectonic Indicators: Fourth ISAG, Goettingen (Germany), Extended abstracts 77-80.
Conclusion: Only 2 of the microsatellite markers (AHTk211 and FH2054) were taken from ISAG recommended panel of microsatellite markers.
2006) realizaron un estudio utilizando nueve microsatelites de los recomendados por el ISAG, para evaluar la estimacion ancestral de la raza Girolyo, entre las razas Gir y Holstein, las cuales derivan de entrecruzamiento entre Bos Taurus y Bos Indicus.
The members of ISAG were highly appreciative of this unique initiative bringing together most of the organizations working to fight TB in line with Honble PMs mission of Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas.
ISAG commends DataDirect for proactively providing its customers with security functionality, instead of forcing customers to purchase additional products or face development risks due to a reliance on other options.
Laudermilch served as the executive vice president and co-founder of the information security firm ISAG.
Recently, three new loci (BM1818, ETH3 and TGLA53) were added to the ISAG recommended panel (ISAG Conference, 2008).
A battery of 25 microsatellite markers based on the guidelines of ISAG & FAO's DADIS program was utilized to generate allelic data.
Thirty microsatellite markers recommended by FAO and ISAG for domestic buffalo genetic diversity analysis (Hoffmann et al.
Nomenclature for factors of the BoLA system, 1996: report of the ISAG BoLA Nomenclature Committee.