ISAIInstitut Studi Arus Informasi (Indonesian: Information Flow Studies Institute; Jakarta, Indonesia)
ISAIInstitute for the Studies on Free Flow of Information (Jakarta, Indonesia)
ISAIInstituto Superior de Assistentes e Intérpretes (Portugal)
ISAIInternational Society of Applied Intelligence (Texas State University, San Marcos)
ISAIInstitute for Strategic Analysis and Innovation (McGill University Health Centre)
ISAIInstitute of Systems Analysis and Informatics (Italy)
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Both co-founders are French, grew up in Paris and investment fund ISAI includes the most prominent Internet entrepreneurs in France.
We are very excited to be supported by Alven Capital, Open Ocean and ISAI in taking Commerce Guys to the next level," said Mike O'Connor, co-founder and president of North America, Commerce Guys.
With this Series A round, Commerce Guys has received a total of $6 million in funding; ISAI provided an initial seed round in 2010.
ISAI has 80 million euros under management and is an AMF authorized portfolio management company with 2 investment vehicles: early-stage post-seed Venture fund & Small cap Private Equity fund.
com -Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder, PROfounders Capital & Founder & Executive Chairman, mydeco -Pierre Kosciuscko Morizet, Co-Founder & CEO, PriceMinister & Co-Founder of ISAI, The French Entrepreneurs' Fund.
Durand who resigned as CEO of ISAI and ShoptropolisTV.
Wallace, 60, has been an acting senior executive with ISAI since January 1999, and became a director this past July.
The ISAI, Installation Monitoring irradiated assemblies, is a plant of the INBS Marcoule individual on the CEA Marcoule (Gard).
OSCAR SERRANO, a/k/a "Diablin" * ESCOLASTICO SERRANO, a/k/a "Chito" * OMAR HIRBIN GOMEZ, a/k/a "Lil Homie" * DAVID ALEXANDER GONZALEZ, a/k/a "Psycho" * ERNESTO ISAI MENDEZ-TOVAR, a/k/a "Joker," a/k/a "Choey" * FRANCISCO DAGO MENDEZ, a/k/a "Silent" * WALTER HERNANDEZ, a/k/a "Spanky" * HENRY GARBALLO-VASQUEZ, a/k/a "Cuervo" * ELISEO IGLESIAS, a/k/a "Smokey" * RONALD FUENTES, a/k/a "Spia" * ERICKA CORTEZ, a/k/a "Shorty" * GEOVANNI PENA, a/k/a "Rata," and * JOSE ALFARO, a/k/a "Liche.