ISALAIsraeli Association of Landscape Architects
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As Octavio Isalas and Amaia Arribas argue in the first article, Latin America followed the trend for establishing communication as a field of theory and research in universities in 1959 with the establishing of university programs of communication in Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina.
Military-backed dictatorship; 1960 of Congo President Joseph Kabila 48 Congo Military-backed dictatorship; 1960 Republic President Denis Sassou-Nguesso 43 Cote d'lvoira Military (transitional); 1960 President Laurent Gbagbo 42 Djibouti Dominant party; 1977 President Ismail Omar Guelleh 43 Egypt Dominant party 1922 President Hosni Mubarak 36 Equatorial Dominant party 1966 Guinaa (military-dominated); 44 President Taodoro Obiang Nguama Mbasogo Eritrea One-party; 1993 President Isalas Afwerki 43 Ethiopia Dominant party; 1000 B.
Reader rlina Isalas of North Hills raves about Alexis, 9034 Tampa Ave.