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ISANInternational Standard Audiovisual Number
ISANImpuesto Sobre Automóviles Nuevos (Spanish: New Car Tax; Mexico)
ISANInternational Seafarers' Assistance Network
ISANIndependent Street Arts Network (London, England, UK)
ISANInternational Society for Autonomic Neuroscience (Malvern, Vic, Australia)
ISANIntegrity for Satellite Navigation
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The Thai Kitchen to The World Project was officially launched, starting with the Isan region and followed by the North, South and Central regions.
Ryan Bevington and Lucy Jones tie the knot at St Isan church, Llanishen.
The new Cybernetics iSAN 7000 series is tailored to meet even the most taxing enterprise-level storage demands with ease while growing comfortably with your business, up to an incredible 448 TB.
Tourism to the area has not developed particularly well as Isan has for decades been considered remote and underdeveloped.
Preecha Rengsombunsuk, one of the Isan Pattana faction leaders, said more than 70 lawmakers, including those from his faction, would abstain in Friday's vote if Samak is re-nominated.
Force chairman Geoff Stooke said: "There isan offer out to a player and he has indicated that he will accept it but we will not consider that accepted until we see that in writing.
When the husband-and-wife team behind Mulberrywood, David and Noina Hober, were married in 2000, David got a present from Noina's mother: traditional Thai clothing made from silk produced at Noina's family farm in Isan.
The Chat-N-Mouse isan optical mouse with a microphone designed for use with Internet telephony servicesincluding Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo Chat and MSN Messenger.
When the quake struck in October, their nephew Isan Mamood had been teaching about 100 children in a mosque in Mirpur Kashmir.
Their appearance seemed to indicate they lacked protein, explained the nun, who once worked in rural development in Isan, a poor region in northeastern Thailand.
This isan expensive turn of events but there's no such thing as bad publicity in Hollywood.
In late May, reporter Edmund Andrews wrote in The New York Times of looting that was still going on at an archaeological site near Isan Bakhriat.