ISARMInternationally Shared Aquifer Resources Management
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The inclusion of the Yrenda Toba Tarijeno aquifer in the ISARM Americas Programme had stimulated the conduction of trinational events and studies aimed at elaborating a work plan to prepare a project that was included as part of the groundwater component of the Framework Program for the Sustainable Management of La Plata Basin's Water Resources with Respect to the Effects of Climate Variability and Change (OEA and UNESCO PHI 2004).
Pre-proceedings of ISARM international conference, "Transboundary aquifers:challenges and new directions" [CD-ROM].
Caso de estudio UNESCO/OEA/ ISARM Americas Sistema Aculfero Yrenda-Toba-Tarijeno Paraguay-Argentina-Bolivia.
Governanca e difusao de normas para a gestao de aqufferos compartilhados: o papel do ISARM.