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ISASInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science (Japan)
ISASInternational Service Availability Symposium
ISASInstitute of South Asian Studies
ISASInternational School for Advanced Studies
ISASInstitute of Space and Aeronautical Science
ISASInstitute of Sensor and Actuator Systems (Vienna University of Technology; Vienna, Austria)
ISASIllinois State Archaeological Survey (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
ISASIndependent Schools Association of the Southwest
ISASInstitute of Space and Atmospheric Studies (University of Saskatchewan)
ISASInformation System Analysis and Synthesis
ISASInformatics Systems Analysis and Synthesis
ISASInstitute for Space and Aeronautical Sciences
ISASInternational Student Advice Service (Zurich, Switzerland)
ISASInstitute for the Synergy of Arts and Sciences
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ISAS also is designing a larger rocket that Nishimura says should be capable of launching about three times Hiten's 200-kilogram mass.
ISAS is studying three proposals for the mission after that, presently planned for 1996.
Last year's symposium brought together key players in the service availability field and provided valuable networking opportunities for all participants," said Manfred Reitenspiess, joint publicity chair for ISAS and 2004 president of the SA Forum.