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ISBDInternational Standard Book Description (aka International Standard Bibliographic Description)
ISBDIdaho State Board of Dentistry (Boise, ID)
ISBDInstitute for Small Business Development (Hungary)
ISBDInternational Society for Bipolar Disorders (Pittsburgh, PA)
ISBDInternational Standard Bibliographic Description (aka International Standard Book Description)
ISBDIntelligence and Security Board (also seen as ISB)
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The eight areas of an ISBD are outlined in table 4, with a comparison of the comparable elements from the Rules, second preliminary edition (1964), from the Library of Congress.
One or both of the meetings will be sure to include ISBD and UNIMARC, as well as other relevant topics, such as RDA, BIBFRAME, etc.
The chair summarized the activities of the IFLA ISBD Review Group and of its subgroups during the last year, which will continue during the forth-coming IFLA Conference (Lyon, 16-22 August):
Because RDA focuses solely on content, encoding and display considerations are governed by other standards, such as MARC21 and ISBD.
The main goal of the ISBD is, and has been since the beginning to provide consistency when sharing bibliographic information.
As a reminder, the Sub-Commission on ISBD and Music is related with IFLA.
The provision of ISBD developed and published by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and covering most media and bibliographic conditions have been incorporated in Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules of 1988.
As physicians, our primary goal must be helping patients maintain health and well-being, not only treating episodes of bipolar as they arise, but preventing the recurrence of episodes for as long as possible," said Guy Goodwin, MD, Oxford University Department of Psychiatry Chairman, and ISBD member.
The output form of the records is still based on the ISBD (PM) standard and ISBD (NBM), but the ISBD translation is under preparation.
As chair of the ISBD (NBM) working group of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), she, along with Lucia Rather, saw the publication of a 1987-revised edition of these rules for bibliographically describing non-book materials to finally include sound recordings.
ISBD: A discussion has started on the future role of the IFLA standard ISBD, one of the most important one emanating from the Cataloguing Section.
The first session was mainly devoted to writing a note to Joseph Hafner, chair of the Cataloguing commission, to explain that the UNIMARC sub-commission agrees with the considerations and conclusions of the Sub-commission on ISBD and music, and to add a few more considerations.