ISBIInternational Symposium on Biomedical Imaging
ISBIInternational Society for Burn Injuries
ISBIIndependent Schools of the British Isles (est.1987; Tilshead, Wiltshire, UK)
ISBIInternational Savings Banks Institute (now World Savings Banks Institute)
ISBIIndependent Special Boarding and International Schools (UK)
ISBIIllinois State Board of Investment
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16) The ISBI divides burn treatment facilities into 4 categories:
The ISBI maintains that the national burns society (in our case, the South African Burns Society) must play an integral role in evaluating these facilities and maintaining standards, as well as formulating and implementing burns disaster plans.
44 Table 4 Pearson Correlations between EHIS and ISBI ISBI Measures Sexual Sexual EHIS Factors Satisfaction Intimacy Relationship-Centered Subscale Being loved .
She noted a company that had taken on the task of cleaning chemical waste at the CMC mines site had sold its shares to a Turkish company named ISBI Port, which plans to build a harbour and container port on the site.
This latest investment increases the total ISBI assets to approximately $288 million invested in LM Capital Group's Intermediate Fixed-Income investment strategy.
Managing Director of LM Capital, John Chalker said, "We are very pleased to be entrusted with these additional funds from ISBI.
The ISBI currently serves 150,000 retired and current state employees.