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ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
ISBNInternationale Standard Buch Nummer (German Version: International Standard Book Number)
ISBNIntegrated Satellite Business Network (Hughes)
ISBNIrondequoit Sports Broadcasting Network (Irondequoit High School; Rochester, NY)
ISBNInternational Society for Behavioral Neuroscience
ISBNIslamic Speakers Bureau of Nebraska (Omaha, NE)
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The new ISBN-13 will now automatically appear on the full description page for every title with a 10-digit ISBN.
The Covenant With Black America/ Edited by Tavis Smiley (Third World Press, $12, ISBN 0-883-78277-4).
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Collection Les mots utiles) ISBN 978-2-923150-35-2 20,00 $
Vancouver : Greystone Books, ISBN 1-55365-218-5 $22.
Zeola by Jewelene Banks Jewel Box Creations, February 2006 $15, ISBN 1-599-75180-1
Montreal : Wilson & Lafleur, ISBN 2-89127-755-4
Building a Great House: Overcoming Life's Ordinary to Possess God's Extraordinary by Felton Hawkins Empowered for Impact, November 2005 $15, ISBN 0-972-16231-3
Sainte-Foy, Presses de l'Universite du Quebec, ISBN 2-7605-1348-3