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The ISC site also contains a listing of links to other resources categorized under the headings of microbial websites, genome browsers, trace archives, and other genome-related sites including other public databases where DNA sequence data are deposited.
Duffy agrees that joint investigations involving the ISC, individual manufacturers, and law enforcement agencies have shown that Latin governments are willing to work with the brand owners by acting responsibly to limit counterfeiting, as required by their membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO.
If the ISC is a corporation, it may be a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of an operating company or "placed" elsewhere within a corporate structure.
Drobny's complaint states that the directors of ISC owed the shareholders of ISC a fiduciary duty of loyalty that they breached by selecting the financing arranged by Brown Simpson over financings that provided better value to ISC and its shareholders.
ISC will selectively market and sell their products and services to large, multi-location industrial customers who seek streamlined, single-source purchasing of a full spectrum of maintenance and repair (MRO) product technologies.
In furtherance of this objective, ISC is currently developing human stem cells, techniques to cause those stem cells to be "differentiated" into the specific cell types required for transplant, and manufacturing protocols to produce the cells without contamination with animal by-products, a characteristic likely to be important in meeting U.
The ISC development was funded by NASA's New Millennium Program (NMP), which is managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.