ISC2International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.
ISC2Integrated Space Command and Control
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A recent ISC2 Foundation survey of some 12,000 information security professionals worldwide found that a shortage of talent has had a dramatic impact on the ability of organizations to defend against or recover from a cyber attack.
More than half of the respondents to the ISC2 survey said the shortage is the ability of their organizations to defend against cyber threats, she said.
The NDPP system is an expansion of the ISC2 space data server, and it extends the communications infrastructure allowing operators to share data between sensor and satellite sources around the world with the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) at Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Rob Smith, vice president for space & cyber at Lockheed Martin's information systems & global solutions said, We'll work with our customer to ensure that ISC2 remains the critical link in enabling geographically disparate commanders to monitor and assess multi-mission threats concurrently.
Under the sustainment contract, Lockheed Martin supports ISC2 space, air defense and missile warning missions, ensuring that data is seamlessly shared between those and other C2 systems.
As the prime contractor for the ISC2 program, Lockheed Martin modernized the U.
For more information on ISC2, visit: Lockheed Martin Integrated Command & Control
Under the ISC2 contract, Lockheed Martin's team modernized the Air Force's air defense, missile warning, and space command and control information technology infrastructure, integrating and replacing more than 30 legacy stove-piped systems.
We'll work with AFLCMC to ensure that ISC2 continues to provide commanders with synchronized C2 operations that improve strategic and tactical coordination among our forces.
Strategic Command and North American Aerospace Defense, ISC2 provides geographically disparate commanders the ability to monitor and assess multi-mission threats concurrently.