ISCADIntermediate-Severity Coronary Artery Disease
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The 60-phase ISCAD induction machine is designed for the same outer dimensions and performance characteristics.
Referring to the entire driving cycles, the ISCAD motor losses are reduced by 28 % in NEDC and 19 % in WLTC [22].
ISCAD shows advantages of 25 % in NEDC and 20 % in WLTC.
Besides comprehensive simulations, knowledge about the real behavior of ISCAD should also be acquired.
ISCAD raises requirements on control electronics and logic.
Start-up of the ISCAD proof-of-principle already works and speed up to 6000 rpm have been tested.
Further research will be on elimination of such parasitics as well as improvement of ISCAD drive components and interfaces.
An alternative approach questions this trend the right direction concerning compact mobility platforms for human transportation: ISCAD is a novel electric multiphase drive for high performance mobility at extra-low voltages.
Comprehensive simulations have been carried out in order to compare ISCAD to a conventional 3-phase electrical drive.