ISCASInternational Symposium on Circuits and Systems
ISCASInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (est. 1985; China)
ISCASInternational Society for Computer-Aided Surgery
ISCASIntegrated Submarine Communication Antenna System
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With the court decision to declare the tax unconstitutional a second time, the Chamber of Deputies has no alternative but to exclude the ISCAS from the budget for next year," said the daily newspaper El Universal.
Under the court decision, the Fox administration is obligated to issue refunds only to a handful of companies that filed an appeal with the high court and not all companies that were charged the ISCAS.
During the ISCAS 2006 meeting in Kos Island, Greece, under the leadership of University Chair Professor Jhing-Fa Wang, the NCKU team had actively and successfully bidden the privilege to organize the ISCAS 2009.
Michael Lai, the President of NCKU, claimed that ISCAS 2009 offers a platform where all representatives and attendees from the fields of circuits and systems technology can share their research achievements with an aim to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.
Having brought ISCAS 2009 to Taiwan, the General Chair of the ISCAS 2009, University Chair Professor Jhing-Fa Wang anticipated it in demonstrating Taiwan's extraordinary research and developmental achievements both in industry and academia to the international community, and envisioning the formation of strategic alliances and international affiliation.
Professor Jhing-Fa Wang, the General Chair of ISCAS 2009 further stated that under the impact of the global economical crisis, many manufacturers are facing dilemmas that were never encountered before.
Furthermore, the main purpose and multiple objectives of holding the ISCAS 2009 in Taipei includes the encouragement of international collaboration between research institutes and industry; elevation of Taiwan's research and practical application capabilities in areas of IC design, power electronics, multimedia systems, electronic circuits, digital signal processing, multimedia, biomedical engineering, computer vision and communications; adopting advanced know-hows through the information conveyed through international conference; providing opportunity for top notch researchers in interaction and exchange of most recent and advanced research experiences and directions, and to cope with the industrial development of Taiwan.
Our commitment now is to recover the 50,000 jobs lost because of the implementation of the ISCAS," said Daniel Romero Mejia, president of the Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportacion (CNIME).
The loss in ISCAS collections is balanced partially by higher-than-expected oil revenues.
As expected, the ISCAS ruling was well-received in the business community.
The Consejo Nacional de la Industria Mexicana de Exportacion (CNIME) said the ISCAS was having a profound negative effect on the maquiladora sector.
The government had little comment on the ISCAS decision other than to call for more comprehensive changes to Mexico's tax code, including a revision of the value-added tax (impuesto al valor agregado, IVA).