ISCBInternational Society for Computational Biology
ISCBInternational Society for Clinical Biostatistics
ISCBIndo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology (Switzerland; est. 1974)
ISCBInternational School of Classical Ballet (Kirkland, WA)
ISCBIndian Society of Cell Biology (India; est. 1975)
ISCBInstitutional Strengthening and Capacity Building
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Started in 1974, it received funding of CHF8 million from Switzerland and CHF4 million from Indian for a period of five years (1999-2004) Taking into consideration that the Indian costs of living are significantly lower than the Swiss, the Indian part of the funding is at least equal, if not higher than the Swiss component ISCB funded eight joint research projects and two research networks during this period.
Former ISCB programme manager Dr Katharina Jenny and current ISCB programme manager Dr.
Nobody would have thought that ISCB would still be around today," says ISCB programme manager Dr.
While other programmes of the Swiss government are based on economic development, ISCB is embedded in an academic environment, fostering scientific collaboration.
The ISCB programme manager takes the example of bio pesticides to illustrate how the programme works.
Founded in 1997, the ISCB communicates the significance of our science to the larger scientific community, governments, and the public at large.