ISCCPInternational Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
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A brief summary of all the research achievements employing ISCCP and other satellite data products highlighted 1) the capability to determine the surface and in-atmosphere radiation budgets as well as the cloud effects on radiative fluxes at the surface, in the atmosphere, and at the top of atmosphere; 2) the beginning of the quantification of the relationships of cloud properties and precipitation; 3) the beginning of the characterization of different weather states from cloud property patterns and their associated radiative and latent heating amounts, atmospheric properties, and dynamics; and 4) setting upper limits on the magnitude of the interannual variability of clouds.
The consensus in this session was that we have achieved one of the major goals of ISCCP (with help from other data products): to quantify the effects of clouds on Earth's radiation budget.
There followed a discussion of the practical arrangements, like those put in place for ISCCP, that would constitute a truly global satellite observing system that systematically produces comprehensive climate-quality data products.