ISCDInternational Society for Clinical Densitometry
ISCDInterface Switching Capability Descriptor
ISCDInternational Society for Computerized Dentistry
ISCDIterative Source-Channel Decoding (digital communcations)
ISCDIntegrated Services for Children Division (Canada)
ISCDInternational Skating Club Davos (Switzerland)
ISCDInternational Society for Community Development (New York, NY)
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Teresa DeMartin, the practice's principal bone density technologist, played a critical role in helping Wake Radiology achieve ISCD accreditation.
Official Positions of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry and executive summary of the 2007 ISCD Position Development Conference.
The ISCD and others say the cuts in the technical component of the reimbursement could severely affect patient access in the future.
Margaret Seton of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, welcomed most of the new official positions adopted by the ISCD and published in the society's journal (J.
The ISCD also recommended using a uniform white female and male normative database as a reference point when calculating the T score of a patient of any race, rather than trying to adjust standard deviations to account for race.
The ISCD is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary professional society with a mission to enhance knowledge and quality of bone densitometry among healthcare professionals, to provide continuing education courses for clinicians and technologists, to increase patient awareness and access to bone densitometry, and to support clinical and scientific advances in the field.
This document summarizes the official positions of the ISCD resulting from this conference and the previous one held in 2001.
At the same time, it's clear that premenopausal women who have a maternal history of hip fracture, a previous low trauma fracture, or a history of long-term corticosteroid therapy are at higher risk of having or of developing osteoporosis, according to recently established ISCD criteria, which are in press at the Journal of Clinical Densitometry.
A bone mineral density exam is suggested for premenopausal women who have suffered fragility fractures, or if they have a condition associated with low bone mass or bone loss, such as osteogenesis imperfecta, according to ISCD criteria.
The ISCD is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary society whose main mission is to promote quality in the performance and interpretation of bone densitometry examinations.
In a series of three published articles, (1,4,6) the International Society for Clinical Densitometry has recorded the findings reached by an expert panel at the ISCD Position Development Conference held in July 2001.
There were over 150 participants at this Conference; ma ny elected to also get the ISCD certification and became Certified Clinical Densitometrists.