ISCDInternational Society for Clinical Densitometry
ISCDInterface Switching Capability Descriptor
ISCDInternational Society for Computerized Dentistry
ISCDIterative Source-Channel Decoding (digital communcations)
ISCDIntegrated Services for Children Division (Canada)
ISCDInternational Skating Club Davos (Switzerland)
ISCDInternational Society for Community Development (New York, NY)
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Poor positioning in scan images of reports was detected according to the recommendations of the ISCD official positions for 2013 (which is the same in 2015) and studies on the topic.
Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry assessment in children and adolescents with diseases that may affect the skeleton: the 2007 ISCD Pediatric Official Positions.
5 Cada profesor muestra 133 (58%) 70 (30%) 28 (12%) los objetivos de clase al terminar el semestre y el curso escolar Fuente: Cuestionario aplicado a los estudiantes del ISCD Benguela, Octubre-Diciembre 2011.
Teresa DeMartin, the practice's principal bone density technologist, played a critical role in helping Wake Radiology achieve ISCD accreditation.
According to the ISCD it was clinically relevant to order a DXA scan for this athlete due to her clinically significant fracture history and fractures from minimal trauma.
Hans, <<Quantitative Ultrasound in the Management of Osteoporosis: The 2007 ISCD Official positions,>> Journal of clinical Densitometry, vol.
ACA's understanding is that this may be deliberate on the part of ISCD, in that the concept behind the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) is that it functions as a "black box" of sorts, therefore providing insight into how and why facilities are tiered enable submitters to "game" the system and avoid being brought into the program.
ISCD Inorganic Cristal Structure Data Base (ICSD) Fiz karlsruhe
Dr Tim Williams, a consultant addiction psychiatrist and member of the ISCD, suggests the BLF "got their evidence slightly mixed up'', and points out: "We don't really know whether cannabis is more harmful than tobacco, so to say that 88% of the public don't know about the risks is not true.
ISCD ilk takip olcumunun tedaviden bir yil sonra yapilmasini, tedavi etkileri ortaya ciktiktan sonra ise daha uzun araliklarla olcum yapilmasini tavsiye etmektedir.
and chair of the public policy committee for the ISCD.
Corresponding author is Pierfrancesco Morganti ISCD