ISCGInternational School on Crystal Growth
ISCGInformation for School & College Governors
ISCGInternational Standard Chainguide (mountain bikes)
ISCGInternational Somalia Contact Group (UN)
ISCGInstitutional and Socioeconomic Coordinating Group
ISCGInformation Systems Control Group
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Since 25 August, ISCG agencies have provided over 210,000 people with healthcare assistance.
This will cost an estimated USD 65 million, according to ISCG site management agencies.
As part of the overall ISCG appeal, IOM launched a Flash Appeal, covering the next three months, of USD 26.
The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has already allocated USD 7 million across multiple agencies in response to the ISCG appeal.
ISCG agencies conducted a joint rapid assessment last week and the ISCG is expected to develop a full operational plan incorporating the needs of all UMNs and registered refugees in Coxs Bazar to the end of 2018.
But much more is needed and we are fast running out of stock, said ISCG coordinator Margo Baars.
Synetric has also recently been selected to install and integrate Cisco's ISCG solutions such as, Integrated Contact Manager, an IP Call Center; as well as uONE, a Unified Communications platform.
an East Coast client/server consulting firm acquired by ISCG in 1997.
Jay has been instrumental in leading the successful integration of the former ISCG with FCG across all aspects of the business including infrastructure, people, and joint client development," he added.
Our second quarter employee climate survey, the first to include our ISCG associates, indicated that we continue to maintain our positive and unique culture, with the vast majority of our associates agreeing that `FCG is a great place to work.
Prior to joining ISCG, he was chief financial officer for SunGard Data Systems Inc.
In December 1998, ISCG merged with First Consulting Group, after which Mr.