ISCGInternational School on Crystal Growth
ISCGInformation for School & College Governors
ISCGInternational Standard Chainguide (mountain bikes)
ISCGInternational Somalia Contact Group (UN)
ISCGInstitutional and Socioeconomic Coordinating Group
ISCGInformation Systems Control Group
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ISCG will form the foundation of our Strategic Consulting Services division, and will provide immediate and significant sources of revenue and business development opportunities to the company.
Lipson, formerly chairman and chief executive officer of ISCG, becomes vice chairman and managing director of the pharmaceutical and life sciences practice.
Located in Royal Oak, ISCG specializes in office furnishings and interior design.
ISCG focuses on providing services to the pharmaceutical and other life science industries.
ISCG, a Royal Oak company which specializes in office furnishings and interior design, "fosters a strong belief that the customer is best served when employees are happy and satisfied at work," said Rice.
Lipson, ISCG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said, "The record quarterly and six-month results reflect our continuing focus on providing superior services to our clients and our ability to attract outstanding information technology professionals.
Lipson, ISCG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said, "I am delighted with the results and growth we posted in the first quarter and am very pleased to have completed the acquisition of WaveFront.
an East Coast client/server consulting firm acquired by ISCG in 1997.
Her vast experience in recruiting, sales, and management makes her a valuable contributor to ISCG.
Jay has been instrumental in leading the successful integration of the former ISCG with FCG across all aspects of the business including infrastructure, people, and joint client development," he added.
In her new position, Kinka is responsible for the development, operation, and management of the ISCG sales organization.
Our second quarter employee climate survey, the first to include our ISCG associates, indicated that we continue to maintain our positive and unique culture, with the vast majority of our associates agreeing that `FCG is a great place to work.