ISCGMInternational Steering Committee for Global Mapping
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Estes, the first Chair of ISCGM whose untimely death took place in 2001.
Although several European countries are members of ISCGM in their own right, the relatively recent creation of EuroGeographics to represent all European national mapping agencies means that this agency took the lead in creating a seamless European-wide contribution to the Global Map Project.
A number of organizations are represented on ISCGM in an advisory capacity including the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group, the United Nations University and the International Cartographic Association.
Will ISCGM succeed in providing a 1:1 million Global Map by its new target data of 2007 or will history repeat itself and Global Map meet the same fate as the International Map of the World?
We strongly support the goal of ISCGM to develop a global map for the entire surface of the earth.
This is especially the case for the smaller island nations of the Caribbean and Pacific, and ISCGM is responding to this by accepting data at 1:250,000.
Through ISCGM, and with the financial support of the Government of Japan, there is a clear responsibility for action and a strong secretariat in the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan which continues to systematically and efficiently move Global Map ahead.
In 2003, ISCGM created a task force chaired by the Survey of India to revise the specifications.
Para mayor ilustracion del producto final resultante en el proyecto GM Colombia, a continuacion la Figura 4 muestra las coberturas integradas obtenidas del website del ISCGM.
Proponer ante el ISCGM la produccion de la informacion del proyecto GM a escala 1:500,000, con el fin de proporcionar informacion digital mas detallada.
Motivar a todos los paises participantes de America en GM para que concluyan antes de la proxima reunion del ISCGM (septiembre 16 de 2002, Budapest, Hungria) la fase I del proyecto.
El ISCGM contribuye con los paises participantes en la conversion VPF.