ISCHEInternational Standing Conference for the History of Education
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ISCHE will foster interdisciplinary collaborations, providing an environment in which individuals from the many disciplines involved in children's health and environments can come together to share information and to combine forces to work on topics of common interest.
ISCHE will connect individuals or organizations seeking expertise on children's health and the environment with members who might be able to serve as speakers, reviewers, or consultants.
ISCHE committees will review and translate research to promote evidence-based policies, standards, and educational initiatives that protect children from adverse environmental influences and promote healthier environments.
ISCHE will help to establish children's environmental health as an essential part of the curricula in various health training programs internationally and assist in the creation and advancement of appropriate research and policy initiatives for developing as well as developed nations.
International" is the first word in the title of ISCHE because we believe that children's environmental health and safety must be viewed from a global perspective.
Eventually ISCHE plans to hold an annual membership meeting and research conference.